Apr 10, 2012

Now the real fun begins!

This past week has been mediocre. Why? Well I am glad you asked, actually I am not. This is one of those times when my relationship with running is on the rocks and I am not talking about the rocks under my feet while running. Yes I have been going but I still struggle mentally right now.

I hate saying this because of how many people have told me that I encourage them to exercise. However I think being truthful can be more helpful than just saying a bunch of encouraging quotes. “No matter how good the excuse, the result is still the same” right? This is just one of those times (and it will pass) that exercise is a struggle.

Truth be told though, I can be pretty hard on myself. For some reason right now I have just come to a crossroads. In a lot of ways I feel as if I am starting running and other exercises for the first time. Maybe I have preached about exercise one too many times and am in need of a good reminder of how difficult the starting line can be.

Another fact is this, I will not quit. I hope that you will not either.


  1. Anonymous4/10/2012

    Keep it going

  2. Bologne4/10/2012

    Spring is in the air and seems to encourage new beginnings or giving us hope for a better day!


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