Dec 16, 2010

Diet plan

Today I Googled the word “diet plan”. I was disappointed with how many false claims there are out there! Good grief! There are many that claim to have found the silver bullet to stop obesity in its tracks. Some out there are partially true and want to make a difference. However, I couldn’t believe how many were saying that they had it all figured out and the other ones out there are misleading. A person really has to be careful where they get their information from. Eating healthy and finding the right exercise regimen that works for you takes time. But it shouldn’t be so
confusing that you feel discouraged in making the necessary life changes.

For me, eating carbohydrates that are naturally accommodated by fiber (which make up about 60% or more of my daily caloric intake), drinking enough water, avoiding too much red meat, and not eating too many artificially sugared or fatty foods works well. Whole wheats, fruits, and vegetables are a key staple in my personal diet. I exercise when I can, and try not to be too sedentary when I have free time. This works great, for me. It took time to get used to. Sure, every day I have to do my fair amount of research when reading food labels and mentally tracking my calories but it is worth it. Over a few months it became a natural habit. There are plenty of times when I am strapped for time and or just plain tempted to eat out or get a quick fix. I have found that I do have to plan out what I can take with me for food, or to prepare something on hand in case I don’t have time to put something together. Something as simple as a prepared sandwich or a cut up apple or grapes in the fridge can help with this, even taking along a bag of baby carrots or a piece of whole wheat bread or whatever else.  Just finding something that works for you when you are on the go will help. Only you can really determine what you will like and what will help stop the racing mind that comes with hunger pains. I have to be careful to not under eat as well. This will mess up your mind, thyroid, and many other parts of the human body. Placing your body in starvation mode can eventually signal it to hold one to everything because it doesn’t know when it may eat again.

It is obvious that everyone is different, and everyone needs to make a plan for their own needs. When a person is striving for weight loss, it is important to accept the fact that good results will take some time. Not everyone can up and start exercising at a high intensity for 30 minutes a day and really enjoy it. The same goes with changing up your diet. It takes time, so don’t quit because you are not seeing huge results right off the bat. If you had a bad week, month or year, just move on! Losing 30 pounds the healthy way, while building lean muscle mass looks a lot better than just starving yourself to loose 50 pounds! Patience is a friend of ours, especially when it comes to making a lifestyle into a healthier one.


  1. Anonymous12/17/2010

    I totally agree with the need to pick something that can become a lifestyle change. I myself have struggled and currently struggle because I always want to do too much too fast so that I will see results. It's that patience thing that you talk about that I need to work on. Thanks for your post and inspiration to start small!!

  2. Keep going Anon. the hard work will pay off! Just don't give up! Way to be smart!

  3. Anonymous12/18/2010

    I agree, I too struggle with wanting the quick fix, or the impatience to see results right away. Or I compare myself to my husband when it comes to losing weight. But your right everyone is different and I need to make a plan for my own needs. Thanks for the reminder and motivation boost! :)

  4. ThunderStruck!12/21/2010 wife is an awesome runner and kicks my butt in running and dieting! While I am somewhat new to running seriously I totally agree that comparing yourself just frustrates any progress.
    Running Gator...I like the 60% carbohydrate idea, is that something you just do or is that a number that is recommended by professionals? With such a diet there is no room for the phony Atkins Diet! Glad to see that fad passing!

  5. ThunderStruck I learned the 60% rule in school, many professionals say this is how much of your caloric intake should be carbohydrates.


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