May 15, 2012

Good times, are they around?

Generally people do not view running as a funny thing. Many view it as serious item as it requires much discipline.

On this site I have shared a few experiences that at the time did not seem funny. However looking back on them I can’t help but laugh at them. Whether it is through a clumsy act, freak of nature, high school kids, or a nice slice of humility served up when I am taking myself too seriously.

Some of you who read this site often have read such experiences such as: The angrycaveman, winter time again, and others.

At one point I was feeling like a king. I had gone up one of my usual routine trails in the deep snow. I was the first one to set foot on the trail after a big snow storm, and that had me feeling proud. While I found my shoes to be incredibly effective when going up, I found them to be less than ideal for going fast downhill when there is a layer of ice below the fresh powder.

While heading down the trail, down I went and sideways I rolled. I rolled over the next switch back and kept rolling until I rolled over 4 switch backs. When I finally stood up I distinctly saw the trail my rolling body carved out of the snow, bypassing a good quarter mile of the trail.

I quickly got up and kept running not wanting to know if I had been seen. The good news about this was that it cut some time off of my routine time on this trail. Now I could either blame my shoes or blame the sun reflecting off the snow caused me to do it. However the truth is I was just not paying attention and stepped slightly off the trail.

The stories go on. I could write a 10 page report only about the encounters I have had with idiot drivers while running. With all honesty I view these events as comical because I choose to do so. I know some people who would not choose to see it that way, and that is their choice. Part of running has taught me to laugh about my experiences so that I do not get overly frustrated in my training. This has been a great life lesson in my life.

May 9, 2012

Fundamentals of running

This morning I hit up my usual routine trail. Lately as you have read, my runs have not been the most exciting. I don’t know why or what made this morning better than usual but it was better. I find that the earlier in the mornings I start my runs the better they seem to be. With my job going until midnight I sometimes struggle to make it happen early. I notice that early in the mornings my mentality is usually a lot more easy going and running is more fun/enjoyable.
Anyways I just wanted to spread the good vibes. I feel my long distance rhythm coming back. I hope you have caught the good bug as well.