Dec 2, 2010

Winter Running

Spring, Summer, and Fall. All of these seasons tend to be the favorite time of year for most runners. Why is winter given such a bad name? The only thing winter does is bring awesome holidays, and the cold. Why are so many people hard on old man winter?
I was born during the winter. So for me, winter has all the cool days (no pun intended). However, I have noticed that I seem to run better when the temperature drops, and that I do not fatigue so easily. Whereas in the summer I have to constantly drink water, and I will still feel dehydrated. I usually can run more miles during the winter than any other time of year. Even when the temp is near 0 and there is snow and ice all over. I just had to prepare myself the right way. There are amazing clothes out there that may seem expensive or some might seem odd to wear (such as running tights) but once you run in the cold with them, you may change your mind! They are worth the price and embarrassment (but be assured that you will have the last laugh come spring time). Of course, if you are like me and cannot bring yourself to spend more than 30 -40 dollars (and that is being generous), look for the sales, they are out there. Just remember that you are investing in your health and can you really put a price on that?
I wish that there were more running events in these extreme months of winter. Why does January and February seem so dead? Of course if you live in northern Utah, the smog is a big factor. But why are there so many that don’t even give cold weather running a chance? It’s wonderful to not sweat buckets of water when you run in the middle of the day. It is also nice to greet spring when you are fit. I can understand being hesitant at first, but try it out! If you ran all summer to only give up on your goals because of the temperature change, at least test it out. See what you are made of. Please don’t say that you will start after new years either!


  1. Cool Runner12/18/2010

    I am alot like you when winter comes around. I seem to do some of my best runs during the cold months.

  2. Hot Rod12/20/2010

    Sorry, I prefer the gym in the winter. Once I had a full beard and I could handle the cold better, but not anymore more. I love running in the sun with shorts and a light shirt. I also like a good sweat when I run.

  3. ThunderStruck!12/21/2010

    I am from northern Colorado and was worried when winter came rolling around. I had run all summer to run a Half Marathon in October. I was at first worried that winter was going to bring my outdoor running to a halt. I cannot do treadmills for too long without getting BORED. Once I got moving though I had no problems, and like you, enjoyed not needing to consume so much H2O!

  4. Banana rama12/21/2010

    My biggest dilemma when it comes to winter running is wanting to shed the clothes once I get going. I finally get out the door to brave the chill with hat and gloves and vest and so forth but after a mile or so, I am warm and too warm. I don't want to shed it and get cold or have to find a place to stash it. What if it's not an out and back run? It's a pain to have to go get it later. Do you have this problem? What do you do or do you have any suggestions for clothing that might keep me warm at first but be able to breath later?

  5. Motivator1/04/2011

    Running through the winter is one of the best things a person can do for themselves to stay in shape. I always felt that this concreted my own status as a runner. It separates the fairweather exercisers from the truly fit individuals.

  6. Banana Rama ... dress for close to 20 degrees more than it is outside. The first mile will be a bit chilly but if you are not warm by that time you underdressed. I usually find good stash points (in a tree, behind a rock, fence) to take off a layer (usually my jacket) and than continue on. Stashing will help you stay warm the first mile and make the experience more enjoyable. Good Question, thanks!


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