May 9, 2012

Fundamentals of running

This morning I hit up my usual routine trail. Lately as you have read, my runs have not been the most exciting. I don’t know why or what made this morning better than usual but it was better. I find that the earlier in the mornings I start my runs the better they seem to be. With my job going until midnight I sometimes struggle to make it happen early. I notice that early in the mornings my mentality is usually a lot more easy going and running is more fun/enjoyable.
Anyways I just wanted to spread the good vibes. I feel my long distance rhythm coming back. I hope you have caught the good bug as well. 


  1. Anonymous5/10/2012

    Ebbs and flow...

  2. Anonymous5/10/2012

    Great use of an awesome show! I would agree that early in the morning is better. It just seems to be more quite and peaceful which makes a run seem more easygoing and relaxing. Glad you are feeling the rhythm, I know I have caught the bug and it is more than good for me!!!

  3. I find mornings to be my best time as well. Good work.

  4. I agree about the early mornings comment. Although at times I can appreciate an evening run, especially to watch the sunset.


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