Dec 22, 2010

Sluggish mood

Why can it be so difficult to find the motivation to get moving, let alone getting out the door to go and exercise?  I work the swing shift at my job and usually have school in the morning to keep me busy. However, now that it is Christmas break, I have my morning’s pretty open right now. Even though I am available to go running, today I just wanted to sit around at home and be with the family.
Usually the busier you are, the less likely you are to go running. While a busy schedule can be a motivation killer to go running, so can having too much
free time. I was excited for Christmas break so that I could get some quality running time in.  I do not feel fatigued or have any muscle soreness to encourage some down time, so why do I seem to need such an extra boost to get going?
The funny thing about this is the fact that after my run I look back to this morning and ask myself why that was such a big deal?  This always happens whenever I finish a run on a not so motivated day. In fact, I usually end up doing some of my best runs on days that I feel sluggish.
I can understand the fact that sometimes you just have bad days and some down time is needed.  This is normal, but only if it happens every so often. My frustrations are with the normal running days that I should go out but I have a bad attitude and can easily be talked out of going. I always regret not going at the end of those days, and am not happy with myself.
It really comes down to how bad I want the results from that run. It is sometimes best just to not think too much about it. The good thing about just going is that my mood will usually brighten after a while. It is always easy to ask yourself if it is worth it or talk yourself out of it. Just try and convince yourself that it wasn’t worth it after you shed the weight, or accomplish those fitness goals that seemed so unachievable. Hopefully by now you know better, and cannot help but smile at how well you have done, and how much you have accomplished!


  1. Stuck in a Rut12/24/2010

    I have the same challenges. I think my problem is that I don't have a set routine and I haven't been able to develop one. My wife on the other hand is religious about jogging. No matter how late she had to stay up the night before, or how cold or rainy it is in the morning, she pops out of bed at 6am to jog. It's impressive. Somehow I need to develop a the habit and routine she has.

  2. ArielJane12/24/2010

    Feeling sluggish is what got me exercising again. I'm hoping it gets me out of my rut. So far it's just wiping me out.

  3. same old run12/27/2010

    It's hard for me at times to get out and start a run, but if I think of how good I will feel when I am done that helps a lot. Then I don't feel so bad eating that extra Christmas cookie.

    Love your site. Thanks for your insight and dialog.

  4. Anonymous12/31/2010

    Running is beyond me. But I could speed up my amble. Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. It is tough to do it, I know that I miss a lot of quality exercise because of my mood. I hate it when I miss a day that I knew I should of exercised.

  6. I am in a sluggish mood lately. I don't know if it is the poor air quality, the cold, tender feet or just plan laziness. Thanks for your insight to help get me going again.


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