Mar 27, 2012

King of the mountain once again!

 For the last bit I have been getting over a lame back injury. The sad thing is that when I was injured my fitness level was already on the down swing. Between trying to fit more family time in and just overall becoming lazier, I have gained some serious weight back. I have always been blessed with confidence, but confidence can be a 2 edged sword. In my case I became over confident. 
You see when most fatties like me come to realize they need to lose weight they are plagued with bad eating habits, poor fitness level, and low self esteem. I on the other hand have always had the not so healthy eating habits, but figured running and other exercises would justify that. I am fortunate that for the most part it did work, but not very fast and when exercise decreased, eating would not.

I figured that since I am in such wonderful shape and can out run most people who weigh even 50 lbs less than me, I will have no problem getting back into the lean mean Gator running machine. So came the moment of truth this past weekend.

I headed out to a regular route that I have done dozens of times and figured that yes I might be a little slower, but overall I am the king and am therefore entitled to no problems, right? 

As I huffed and puffed up and down the steep hills on Saturday I hit my moment of truth. I am an out of shape fatty once again. Now to toot my own horn I was able to run a good chunk of the 9 mile loop and my time was not as horrible as it could have been, and I thank my lucky stars that I still have somewhat of a strong fitness base. However I must confess that as I approached certain parts of the trail I was tempted to call my wife for a ride home. When I felt that way I truly was very tired, but mostly bored. This brings me to what really is the tough part, accumulating a positive mind set again.

Since I have this site already up I figured that I might as well use it to keep others up to date on my progress.


  1. Hope your able to pull out! Keep strong.

  2. Anonymous3/27/2012

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  3. Anonymous3/27/2012

    don't get too big!


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