Nov 18, 2011

Are you a dead beat parent?

Not too long ago I was sitting at home with my family, and I started to get that itchy feeling to get moving. I did not have enough time to go out for a run so I just started jogging around slowly in my house. My 2 year old daughter got very excited and wanted to run with me. I am a nerd so I measured the living room and kitchen to see the distance for each lap I was doing. My daughter ended up running just under a mile with me, and laughed the entire time! My other daughter just sat there and stared at us with a grin and laughed at us the whole time.

My point in telling you this is how much kids are watching their parents. There isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do to keep my kids safe and to help them grow up able and ready for things. I believe most parents are this way, but for this conversation I will not go into detail of my disapproval of dead beat parents.  But how does fitness tie into all of this?

Some people think of fitness as this luxury that they cannot afford, or that it is vain to take care of themselves by exercising. Whatever the stigma is that they have tied to exercise, I think it is pathetic. Do only rich, successful people exercise? Do only people who can’t afford a car exercise? NO! Why should you feel guilty or embarrassed for exercising and eating healthy than? In saying and asking all of this I want to reflect off of a quote that I have always admired. “No matter how good the excuse, the result is the same”.

Now this quote can be obvious or deep. Anyway you look at it, it is true. No matter what your excuse is for being unhealthy the result is just that, unhealthy. I am a student who does not have a lot of time to do as I please. If I want to reap the benefits from exercise I have to make it a priority. Making it a priority does not cancel out other priorities that are important. Think about it, is your whole day spent doing what you consider a priority? I know that I have days that seem long and cannot squeeze in 20-30 minutes to move around. When that is the case it is because I did not take the time to plan out when I could do it. Sometimes it means waking up 40 minutes early.

Myself, like many parents out there, want our kids to have a better, happier life than ours (and my life is pretty good, and I choose to see it that way). I hope my kids see that my journey to try and be healthier has been tough but worth it. So please stop with the excuses and get busy doing something healthy!


  1. True words Gator. Parents, especially nowadays, need to set a better example.

  2. You mean to tell me that my being fat tells my kids that it is ok to be fat? Hmm... I may need to start taking what you have to say seriously!

  3. Anonymous11/23/2011


  4. Been a while since I have visited here. Nice job.

  5. Maybe this will help knock down the number of chubby kids in the states!

  6. Orange county11/24/2011

    I dig it!

  7. Anonymous11/24/2011

    What the hell is up with the mormon tab?

  8. Lol! I love it, and SO true! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Hope you don't mind, I will now follow you spiffy blog as well ;)!


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