Feb 17, 2011

Where do you get your advice?

  OK so how do you get your advice? It is ironic that I even address this when I am posting this on a blog. I can tell you that such and such said this, and how do you know I did not just pull something out of thin air to back up my advice? Truth is that it is very difficult to trust what you find on the internet. So why do you even bother with sites like Wikipedia? Take this advice from Michael Scott for instance… 

  Now days there are television shows with popular doctor’s who claim to be experts, but at times their advice can be insincere and turn into shallow advice. Maybe this is because it can be difficult to always find topics that an audience will choose to watch over what is on another channel. The same goes for popular blogs and websites that need your visits.
  So who can you trust? The answer is your self. Yes there are plenty of websites, books, doctors, family members, friends, and television shows that can help you get a general idea. However it is important that you learn from your own experiences, and to explore new ideas when seeking out answers.
  For example, do you remember the whole carbohydrates are your enemy diet trend? Just after I turned 21 while I was on a church mission I had found that I really needed to lose some weight. With the popular all meat diet around, I could not refuse to try it out. So I ate only meat and whatever else that had no carbohydrates. The first 2 days I loved it. The 3rd day I started to feel ill. I just chalked it up to my nervousness of going back to my home town in a couple months as an overweight chipmunk. Day 6 I noticed that I had no energy, I still felt ill, and my missionary buddy had started to tell me that I smelled funny. I had also noticed that after day 2 that I haven’t gone just that…..number 2. A member of the local congregation, who was a family doctor, was willing to help me out. When I told him about my problems he said that I was number 10 on his list of people with these same symptoms and all had been on this diet. He recommended that I stop the diet and to go home and to drink a lot of water, and to use some milk of magnesia to help clear up my problems.To this day I am grateful for that honest help, and advice.
  The moral of the story is, be careful. While it is good to try new things, I like to think of the old saying “if it is not broke, don’t try and fix it”. One should be honest though when they are in need of help. Denial can be equally as bad as any bad advice out there. So I do not want you to think that you are an exception to not having to exercise!


  1. JoaniBologne2/24/2011

    You can lose touch with your body if you don't exercise regularly, don't you think? I've found that the more regular I am with exercise, the easier it is to read the messages my body is sending me.

  2. Eofn Jones3/15/2011

    I think it is easy to get discouraged or too much courage by what you read online. I have been out for a season because of a knee injury and getting back into things is difficult. For me I want to do too much too soon and caught myself looking online to look for ways to justify doing that. It is true that we need to listen to professionals but really we are our own best physicians when learning how much we should do. By the way, love the Michael Scott comment!


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