Mar 17, 2011

Some thoughts

What motivates you to get out? This is a complex question that goes along with my relationship with running. I have days that I love to just get out and move around. Other days I do it because I know that my body needs it. No matter how big a deal I try to make running and other exercises, I still have other priorities in my life. They all seem to tie in together in my life.

When I am running and come up to a difficult point that I want to just stop, even though I feel physically able, what is it that will keep me going?

The other day I was out on a slow jog and mentally did not feel like going any further. I had reached a mental block. While my thoughts stirred about what I was going to do on this run, I had a reoccurring thought come to my mind. This thought is always on my mind, but it was radiating in a little more detail than usual at this moment. I was alone in an area where no cars were around me and the noise was minimal. Like most people who are striving to do all they can, and get stressed out by not feeling like things are going the way they planned, I felt overwhelmed.

 This was the foundation for my current mental block. My thoughts then turned to my family. I have a beautiful wife who has always been supportive of my running habit, and is always there to cheer me on. I also have 2 wonderful daughters that have me wrapped around their little fingers. While I sat there and felt sorry for myself, I realized that I needed to just forget about my worries and to get moving. It took me a minute to put things behind me, but I eventually got my mind to only think about the positive things in my life. My run went much smoother after that, and I actually enjoyed it!

Some may ask what benefits my family receives from my exercises. I could recite to you all of the clique things such as I have more energy, better health, that I am setting a good example to my kids by staying active, etc… But for me, on top of everything else, it is about reaching my goals. I strongly believe that we are to become masters of our own bodies. Whether that be eating healthier, avoiding harmful chemicals, or getting our bodies to do what it is told. I have found that exercise is only a fraction of achieving this goal, but is still big enough to retract my efforts if I don’t do it.

Here is a picture of my 2 daughters a short while back. How can they not motivate someone to take better care of their lives!! 


  1. Mr. Bill3/18/2011

    "Achievements give us a temporary feeling of elation. But it's the pursuit of goals rather than the achievement that creates happiness. When people run long distance, they often get into an engaged state of concentration called flow. They are truly in the present moment, and the present is all we have."

  2. Wild Child3/18/2011

    People need to just accept how some people feel about running instead of trying to figure them out!

  3. This is great !!! Thanks for the useful tips!!! I really appreciate all information from someone who knows what they are talking about and i highly respect all opinions,however there are number of factors ,that we all should keep in mind.Here are some:
    1)Physical shape depends on mental or Spiritual condition of the individual(wish more people talk about it) !
    2)Legs (as other parts of human body consists various groups of muscles(how do we train exactly the groups of muscles which are necessary when we run)
    3)Variety is the spice of life(what could be better than making it fun and entertaining while running ) in the same time gaining good results !4) Education is the Silver Bullet (practice however is The Key) How do we educate better and find a teacher ( a wise one) who is fun!
    5)Safety issues ''Before anything"" Be Safe !
    I think I'll stop now and it sounds cliche ,but people who explain this in detail could be fun!I'm aware that i could be the most boring guy on the planet ,but that's why we should all strive to meet someone like Madonna (i doubt that there is anyone like her) but ,if anything we can all dream of becoming a part of Hard Candy Fitness Family and give all we can to do that !
    Thanks to Heavenly Father all thing's are possible and all i can do is learn patience + thank you everyone for helping me to do so !!!
    Love -Vasko
    PS .Special thanks to Luke Evans !Man you are my hero !Thank you Luke !!!

  4. Bologne3/21/2011

    Really Mr Gator, by sticking to your goals and doing what you are doing, even on the tough days, you are inspiring me. Thanks for taking time to blog.


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