Dec 15, 2011

Get the right idea!

I want to share some things that are misunderstood. Some of these are still talked about like they are just common sense facts when in fact they are wrong. For now I will only share a couple.

1. Lactic acid is what makes your muscles sore.

This is probably one of the most popular myths that still drums around the fitness world. It is true that lactic acid will become present during certain exercises, but it is not what makes your muscles sore. Your muscles are sore from tiny micro tears that formed from the muscle being used more than what it is used to.
I cannot tell you how fast someone loses credibility in my eyes when they are “supposed” experts and this myth rolls off their tongue. Many of us (me included) have heard this from talented athletes, coaches, or the local shoe store salesman who really doesn’t know what they are saying. When coming from such. it is more forgivable. However, those who have taken any physiology courses on muscle know better and should not make this mistake. That being said, means that stretching, massaging, or other things have other purposes besides helping to push out the lactic acid. They serve by helping your muscles recover.

2. Running will kill your knees.

This is one of those things that you hear and think nothing of it. Many people have claimed that they cannot run because they just have bad knees. For some this is true, and others it isn't. That is what makes this myth tricky. When mentioning this I am discussing those who fear that the act of running is going to grind their knees into oblivion. I used to have achy knees when I first started running and thought that I should take up a different exercise. However, over time I noticed as my legs became stronger, my knees no longer became an issue. Here is a link (click here) to a story that was broadcasted on NPR that goes into better detail about this subject. Check it out!

Hopefully this may help clear up reservations about not exercising. There are other myths out there, but they can be discussed later.
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  1. Bro that stuff is well put! I just learned about DOMS and lactic acid. Kudos for posting about it! By the way I just barely got the email of this post this morning, may want to check your settings.

  2. Anonymous12/21/2011

    I just barely got the email this morning as well. Nicely stated.


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