Nov 1, 2011

Sorry (maybe)

I was recently scrolling around at some running blogs that I use to visit. Some of these are by elite athletes others are by people just like me. On one of the blogs the author, who is just an average Joe, kept apologizing in a post how
he had not posted in a couple of weeks. I saw that he had few followers and has been online for 3 years with only 5,000 hits. While he tirelessly apologized I couldn’t help but post a comment about how annoying it was to read his constant apologizes. Later on I paid a visit to see if he replied to my comment.

Now if he is reading this post I do want to say sorry for not minding my “blogging manners”. After all you may have been keeping a blog for close relatives or friends, and I probably just stumbled upon your blog.  Moving on…..the reason I brought this up is because my last post was in July. While starting out my first sentence I immediately started to say the words “I apologize that it has been a while”.  While I instinctively wrote down these beginning words I thought about how I shouldn’t flatter myself by acting like I have such a lasting impact on people through this site.

I started this blog under the recommendation of a school adviser telling me that it is great thing to have prospective schools see what I have been involved in. Amongst the other reasons I was told by this adviser I have come to realize that they did not know exactly what they were talking about when I was told a blog gives you brownie points with prospective schools.

So here I am just another running blog in cyber space. However I will say this. Running has changed my life. I have to stay active or else I get cranky and over time get very depressed. I do see individuals that exercise would fix a lot of problems in their lives and help them grasp the other problems that exercise will not directly fix. I will start to take advantage of sharing my stories on here again. After all I have had numerous people in the past month ask me why I don’t write on here any more. So let me get back into the writing mindset, and soon I will be back online.


  1. You dork, I hope that guy makes a comment on here!

  2. So far nothing Tyler! Maybe he isn't as mean as you are!


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