Jun 15, 2011

No excuses!

It is always nice to be asked by various people when I am going to put up another post. When I am asked, I realize that I have not just been ranting in cyber space. It’s nice to see the statistics on here and I was pleasantly surprised to see how many visitors have been here since my last post.
To be honest I had no intention of returning to this blog for a while. The end of spring semester came, family matters happened and all the other good stuff that happens unexpectedly. Upon thinking about this, I realize that I started this to show that there is no excuse good enough to keep an individual away from taking care of their health. While I came up with many “good” reasons to not
only ignore this site I also started slacking off in my health habits.
I did not intend to start this site as a daily exercise log, but there are many who do this and find it as a good motivation tool to start up in their training and improve their eating habits. Whatever keeps you going is the best tool there is. In the past I kept a notebook that I would write down all my exercise activity in and make a short comment about what I ate. I am going to start that up again. If you are having a hard time getting started the only way you can know what works is to just find a system and try it out.
I know of many individuals who have kept small diaries of what they have consumed throughout the day along with the emotions they were experiencing while eating. At first they did not worry about counting calories, but started tracking because they realized how important it is to monitor what goes in the belly!
For the past little bit I have noticed my zest for exercise has dropped because I am not setting out to reach any particular goals. I have now written down a few trails that are longer in distance That I  want to run in tip top shape. Most of these trails are still covered in snow and I want to be able to hit them during the short time they will be clear. I have told my goals to some and they just look at me like I am an idiot. However when they have told me theirs, I am sure I have greeted them with the same expression. Which brings me to my next point, find a support system.
I am incredibly lucky to be married to a woman who majored in exercise in college and knows a lot about the human body. My wife has always supported my goals in health and I cannot imagine how difficult it would be without a supportive spouse. My kids are young and I will do what I can to make these things important to them. Surrounding yourself with friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc… who support you will be the key to getting anywhere near your goals (watching biggest loser episodes does not count!).
If I have a long absence between this and my next post it will be because I am too busy meeting my goals and do not have time to get online. I have now measured certain areas at my job to determine how far my walking distances are. When the temptation comes to look at social sites or the “I’m bored” sites, I try to get up and walk around. By the time I return to my desk I am ready to work and don’t have time to hang around on the “I’m bored” sites.
Speaking of bored sites here is what a good clip of what happens when you get out of touch with exercise.


  1. Anonymous6/16/2011

    Nice to have you back Gator!

  2. We will be expecting some good updates soon!


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