Jan 15, 2011

Death by running

I once watched a movie called “Run Dick, Run Jane” made in 1971 by The National Jogging Association and Brigham Young University.  In this film they talked about a guy who wanted to commit suicide by jogging himself to death. Now a day this seems like a dumb way to do such a thing, but this was in the 1940’s. This guy was bored and frustrated with his life. His wife and kids tried to help him cheer up, but he still felt depressed. So one night he decided to make his attempt by setting out on a jog. He jogged for quiet a while and tried to run as fast as he could. Finally he collapsed and found himself incapable of exerting any more energy
The next night he attempted it again, and had the same results from the previous night. He continued these attempts and never achieved what he had set out to do. Over time he found that he was able to go longer distances, and that he was much happier after his runs. He saw that this routine had brought him to a more desirable appearance, and that he no longer felt as tired during the day.
His family was supportive of his habits, because of the emotional results it brought to him. His neighbors thought that it was odd, but eventually admired the results he was getting from this new routine of his. It was not until years later that this man was asked what made him start this routine. When he embarrassingly told people why, he found that some people were appreciative of his honesty. He inspired many others who felt as he did and they to added exercise to their lives.
When I saw this story it sounded clique. However this was before jogging (or exercises in general) was known to yield such high benefits for mental health. Many studies have been done, and have shown the facts of how exercise can help the human mind. What a great alternative to medications! Exercising for even just 30 minutes 4 times a week will yield these positive results. Now I am done with this article, so go, get off the computer and get busy making yourself happier!!


  1. Sounds like an interesting movie. I would like to watch that. I believe that exercise is a great type of treatment for types of mental illness. Thanks for the suggestion!!

  2. So true, I am much happier when I exercise. Sounds like an interesting movie.


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